AMCAT: Australian Made Panelvan Canopies and Tonneaus (Ute Lids)

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AMCAT is proud to announce the release of their new canopy to suit VE/VF Commodore.

Amcat, Australian Made Canopies and Ute lids, have released a standard canopy to suit the VE-VF Commodores.

Amcat have manufactured Sandman Panelvan canopy since 2008, and have now released the Son of Sandman, a standard all-purpose canopy.

Amcats innovative design, offers security and style, with this sleek design.

The canopy is fully carpet lined with LED Light, and allows you decide on your window option, with either sliding widows, tinted side and rear, or no side windows.


design and manufacture products of the highest quality for Australian utes. All parts are made in our specialised production facility located in Bayswater, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Components can be purchased direct through the manufacturer, through most New Car Dealerships, or any one of our agents around Australia.

At AMCAT we employ a team of 25+ highly trained and skilled people in our 25,000 sq. ft. factory. All components are designed, manufactured, painted and assembled in this facility.

We do not import cheap fibreglass Lids and Canopies from overseas and sell them to you. Our products are designed and manufactured especially for harsh Australian conditions, and that's why all our products come with a 3year/100,000 km guarantee. 

Visit our shop to view all ute lids and spares
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